Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So, it's been awhile...

Sorry for not getting on here sooner. Long story short...Telus sucks! lol My battle is over with them, so I am back online.

I can't say that a whole lot is new around here. Which is good, I guess. Work for Troy is just starting to pick up again. The company he works for, bid on a big job out in Cold Lake, but they did not get it. Although it would have meant big bucks for us, I can't say I am all together disapointed. It would have also meant him being gone for about 4 months straight. Sure, we could have visited, but anyone who has kids and a dog, knows that this is no easy job.

At the beginning of March, I started working at Budget Blinds, here in Leduc. I know, I know...a new job, yet again. I don't know if I was spoiled at my high school job or what, but I found working with younger kids a huge pain!!! So, after I quit working in the kindergarten class, I was looking for something to fill part of my day. Turns out, our neighbors across the street were looking for a receptionist for their blooming business. They only needed someone for 15 hours a week, but she wasn't sure who she could find that would actually want such little hours. Well, it's only a month and a half later and I now work 20 hours a week and the job is awesome!!! As it turns out, Jenn and I compliment each other quite well. And she tends to feed my sickness quite well and lets me organize the hell out of the office!

Brendan had his 11th birthday in February and he is just about up to my cheekbones now. He can't wait for the day, when he is taller than me. His height scares Troy a little. lol He has barely started puberty and he's so tall.

Jordan, well there is nothing new there. He is huge into Pokemon right now, much to my dismay. I was really hoping my kids would bypass all that crap. But, oh well. hehe

Elizabeth just got new glasses and she's as cute as a button in them. She has a hard time keeping them on all day, but were working on that.

Rach is doing well in school. She loves learning french and is the only one that will speak it at home.

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  1. Love the pics, I cannot believe how big the kids are getting. So happy to hear that you are liking the new job, that always is a big plus. I think I am going back to school come fall I got to do something now that Lilly will be in school fo a full day. Then I'll need to find a job myself LOL